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Impossible Spellmaster v1.04

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第 3 级: 如果你像 MOBA 的常规方式一样玩, 你肯定会输。你必须用完全相反的方式去做。
级别 6: 黑暗群 看起来是个好主意, 但它不是。
级别 9: 不要作为第一级这样做,否则咄咄逼人的 AI 会很容易杀死你。
级别 12: 盟友不会像敌人那样随着时间的推移升级, 所以最好早点升级这个级别。
第 15 级: 在采取行动之前弄清楚该怎么做
。第 18 级: 它看起来是绿色的, 但仲裁者是披着斗篷的。它也掩盖了附近的其他单位。


Impossible Spellmasters
Like the other Impossible maps, you play as a team with a small force of units to clear tough enemies.
In this map each player has a hero (critter), where players can choose spells and upgrades before entering each level.
(or in Random Mode get random spells and upgrades)
After clearing 5 levels, you can challenge the boss. Defeat the boss to win the game.
The bosses are very tough, though, so you may want to do more levels before entering the boss room.
Tips for some levels and bosses:
Level 3: If you play it like the regular way in MOBA, you will surely lose. You must do it in the exact opposite way.
Level 6: Dark Swarm looks like a good idea, but it's not.
Level 9: Don't do it as the first level, or the aggressive AI will easily kill you.
Level 12: Allies don't upgrade over time like the enemies, so it's probably better to do this level early.
Level 15: Figure out what to do before taking action.
Level 18: It looks green, but the arbiter is cloaked. It cloaks other nearby units as well.
Level 19: Vultures have infinite mines. It's actually a bug because I deleted all "skill use requirements" causing it to ignore the fact vultures would run out of mines, but it was so hilarious I decided to keep it as a feature.
Boss tips (might be spoilers):
Boss 1: Don't be scared, it's just a firebat.
Boss 2: You must stay away from the boss, and kill the spawned marines before them getting to the last line.
Boss 3: You must not kill the shadow zerglings. If one zergling is killed, two more is spawned.
Boss 4: You need to juggle the scarab. If you can't do it, you probably need more (of a specific) upgrade.

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