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[RPG] 国外地图转载,正面进攻(Frontal Assault)

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Please rate/review this map. It will help me make my other maps (especially the ones in this project) better for you guys. Thanks
Alright, in my humble opinion, this map is golden. It may have a few bugs that I missed (please let me know if you find one [email protected]) and there might be a few technical/trigger issues, but overall, it's a winner.
Basically, you are in command of a huge ass army and you have to destroy I think four Zerg broods. Two of them are relatively easy. One of them is rather hard and the last brood is a dick.
Fixed mission briefing glitch. I didn't realize there was something else (didn't do that myself) so now, don't worry about it. It would have ruined the next part if I had left it. Oh well, it's fixed now.
As always, have fun with it. If you make any changes, all I ask is that you credit me as the author.
Thanks and enjoy.
The map screenshot:
Frontal Assault.jpg


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发错地方了这地图可以玩,。。。。。。。。。。。  发表于 2018-10-16 21:20
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