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求中文版合成公式 Private Square Defense 0.53v

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Patch History
  └ 1. The difficulty of the line is increased.
    2. The novice mode is added.
            └ 0% of the enemy shield when activated by the beacon within 2 minutes
    3. Display the range of the weapon. (The Akan reference range 30)
    4. The normal attack type of the epic tier unit is deleted.
    5. Rewards will be added to catch all bosses. (1 gas probe)
    6. The new class unit will be lowered/legendary unit will be raised approximately.
    7. Fix the round start health notation error.
    8. Epic tank and Tower 2 types are added.
    9. Output a message when the player loses.
   10. You will receive an additional 50 minerals when collecting gas 200.
    11. The price of the normal tank goes down to 50 circles.
    12. Change the 100g draw to the lottery type. (up to 500g)
   13. Bug fixes (gas failure, new Class 1 Limited error, combination error, etc.)
   14. Fixed an epic tank destruction error.
   15. Fixed an error that the outgoing player unit did not disappear.
   16.29 Round car Kararu health 2.8 million-> 200 only fixed.
             └ Sorry, there was a disconnection with the unit after the 31st round. (Dummy unit)
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